I have utilized Robyn Roberts’ Mettasound service in my practice for many years. I have found her to be competent, dependable, and professional. The inclusion of Mettasound into my practice has allowed me to offer my clients, patients and associates prompt access to the opinions of the veterinary radiologists and cardiologists working with Mettasound. I recommend Robyn and her service to any practice interested in expanding their diagnostic capabilities.

–Richard M. Walden, DVM
Northwest Austin Veterinary Center

With her extensive training in ultrasound and coupled with over 17 years of veterinary specific imaging, Robyn Roberts is able to provide diagnostic, high quality ultrasound studies. I highly recommend her services.

–Victoria McEwen DVM DAVCR
Lighthouse Radiology

Robyn provides very thorough abdominal and cardiac studies. It is cost prohibitive to many clients to have their pet seen by separate specialists to reach a diagnosis. Having Robyn able to perform both abdominal and cardiac studies and have a specialist consult on the case is extremely helpful for our busy practice and appreciated by our clients. I would recommend Mettasound to any clinic wishing to offer their clients convenience, cost effectiveness and professional imaging studies.

–Greg Farmer DVM
Animal Medical Center

We have had the good fortune to work with Robyn for 8 years. Not only is she a true professional, but she also brings the gift of compassion to every patient she works on.

–Margaret Leary, DVM
Companion Animal Hospital

” I have worked with Robyn as a telemedicine consultant since 1998  and can attest that her years of experience have resulted in high quality echocardiography studies.  Her skills and advanced equipment allow her to perform complete echocardiograms which allow me to make recommendations for the best treatment options for patients.”

–Jean Betkowski VMD DACVIM (Cardiology)

Robyn Roberts is a true professional. She is very knowledgeable in the area of veterinary ultrasound and her examinations are thorough and her images are of excellent diagnostic quality. I work with many different ultrasonographers and the services provided by Mettasound are top notch.

–Julie Corbett DVM DACVIM

I’m grateful to have Robyn Roberts as part of our diagnostic arsenal. The combination of Robyn’s ultrasound skill with a board certified veterinary specialist’s interpretation allows us to provide outstanding care to our patients. Robyn distinguishes herself by being efficient, effective, and a pleasure to work with.

–R. Rafferty, DVM
Circle C Animal Hospital

The doctors at Capital Veterinary Clinic have been using Robyn Roberts with Mettasound for over 7 years. We have always found her to be punctual, thorough, helpful, and consistent with her scans and preliminary verbal findings. We have considered purchasing an ultrasound machine multiple times and have always held off due to the ease and convenience of using MettaSound. Robyn and Mettasound would be an asset to any clinic.

–Matt Scroggs, DVM
Capital Veterinary Clinic